Top 5 Home Decor Mistakes – Avoid These If You Want To Sell Your Home

The housing market has been ultra-hot for some time. Nearly everything sold quickly – and for much higher than the asking price. Sellers really didn’t have to do much to prepare their home for sale to receive multiple offers.  Unfortunately, those days seem to be waning. It’s a bit harder today to sell a home than it was this time last year. And, the experts agree that selling a home is going to get even tougher.

That does not mean your home won’t sell. It just may take a little more thought and planning. So, what do you need to do to land a contract? A good place to start is to avoid some common décor mistakes that can turn off buyers.  Fix them, and your home will stand out amongst others on the market.

Mistake # 1:  Going Too Bold

Yes, you want to make a statement. You want your house to stand out. But you don’t want to be so bold that it actually turns away potential buyers. Whether you are painting an accent wall, adding wallpaper to a powder room, or even accenting the kitchen with tile or a backsplash, be sure that your style isn’t too much. Adding some color is always good. Just remember the word “some” when designing a room.  Small touches add flare and depth to a space without overpowering it.

Mistake # 2:  Using Dark Furniture in a Small Space

Not every home features vaulted ceilings and large spacious living areas. Let’s be honest, many houses sport “cozier” rooms.  Don’ t weight down smaller spaces with big, dark furniture. Go light. This means lighter colors (beige, light grays and even white). Stay away from dark browns, blacks and navy. If you have darker furniture, add slipcovers.

And be sure the furniture style matches the size of the room.  You may love your four-poster king sized bed, but if it makes the master bedroom look tight, opt to show it with a full or queen bed instead. Entice buyers with the size of the room; not the size of your furniture.

Mistake # 3: Overdoing Designer Trends

Not every trend is going to sell a house. Especially if you overdo it. Most design experts agree that less is more.  Adding a small accent of tile in your kitchen or a single wall of shiplap will grab more attention than flooding the entire room with the same materials. Want to add a modern appeal? Go simple. Go light. And always opt for less.

Mistake # 4:  Using Washed Out Lighting

If there is one mistake nearly every home seller makes, it is over lighting each room. Yes, potential buyers need to see what your home has to offer, but that doesn’t mean over lighting your rooms.  Lighting can either wash out a space, or make it feel more intimate – like home. Create a warm and inviting space by layering your lighting using multiple light sources. Don’t rely solely on overhead lights. Add table lamps too.

Be sure to add dimmers where you can and replace harsh white and fluorescent bulbs with soft white ones.  This gives rooms a calm, more inviting feeling.

 Mistake # 5:  Using Rugs That Are Too Small

Rugs can add  color and texture to a room. But only if they are the right size. Opt for rugs at least 8 x 10 or 9 x 12 in most areas. Anything smaller should grace only in entryways and halls

A good rule of thumb when choosing a rug style is to be sure several pieces of furniture fit on it and still offer some rug space around the furniture.


Most sellers know the rules for keeping their home neutral, uncluttered and free of personal items when showing them to potential buyers. Unfortunately , few know about these common mistakes which can thwart a sale. Avoid the pitfalls listed here and watch your home gain the attention it needs for a quick sale.