Top 5 Most Positive Instagram Personalities

Every day, millions of people open up Instagram for various reasons. Whether it’s to stay up to date on celebrity gossip, get fashion tips or anything else, there might not be a lot of positivity to boost your mental health. However, there are some accounts that are fully invested in brightening your day. Quotes, cute animals, and general positivity are abound on social media, you just have to find it. To get started, here are five of the most positive personalities on Instagram that you should be following for your daily dose of positivity.

5. Tucker the Golden Retriever (@tuckerbudzyn)

If you like dogs (and who doesn’t), especially golden retrievers, then you’ll love the account for Tucker the golden retriever. With more than 3.3 million followers, Tucker has become one of the most famous animals across all of social media. Tucker, who lives in Michigan, has his entire family showcased on the popular Instagram account with some hilarious images and videos. The captions on these posts will also let you know that Tucker is a huge fan of “chimken” but not so much broccoli.

4. Fashion Dads (@fashiondads_)

Those that are fathers know that there’s a big knock toward the supposed lack of style. They think that’s it just all about New Balance shoes and Big Dog shirts, but there’s an account where dads can showcase their top outfits. It’s called Fashion Dads, and has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram. From ugly Christmas sweaters to running gear, Fashion Dads has been bringing laughs for years.

3. Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent)

Since back in 2009, Dani DiPirro has been sharing her message of positivity with the world through various media. This includes her books such as “Grow Through It: Inspiration for Weathering Life’s Seasons” and, of course, her Instagram account positivelypresent. With over 960,000 followers, DiPirro has a daily uplifting message to share with everyone. This includes “Feeling worried about your future is okay” and “Your external circumstances don’t need to change for your internal perspective to shift.”

2. Brandon Stanton (@humansofny)

Very seldom do we see the real and emotional side of Instagram since most of it is based around people in their best moments. With Humans of New York, we get to see what life is really like for those that live in America’s biggest city. The project was created by Brandon Stanton over a decade ago and has now amassed a following of more than 12 million people. Not only do you get great pictures, but also great interviews from Stanton who has captured some memorable moments.

1. Liz Climo (@lizclimo)

A California resident, Liz Climo has been animating from a very young age. She even got her start in animation professionally on the long running series “The Simpsons”. Since then, Climo has been blogging positive animations for people of all ages, which includes her series of Rory the Dinosaur. Climo has several books and has been featured across the media, with her Instagram account nearing 1 million followers. If you love cute critters, relatable moments and overall wholesomeness, this is a must follow account.

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