Top 5 Most Positive Youtubers

YouTube is a video platform where we can spend hours upon hours diving headfirst into any topic imaginable. You can find yourself in a YouTube rabbit hole where you start to believe aliens live next door to you or that every Super Bowl was rigged. It’s easy to get off track mentally while perusing YouTube, but there’s good news. There are thousands of accounts where the message is always positive and you can find yourself laughing and smiling for hours. To go down YouTube’s positivity rabbit hole, here are five accounts that you should be watching.

5. Sean Evans

There are some fantastic interviewers throughout the history of media, but nobody has quite gotten the best out of their guests than Sean Evans. Evans is a Chicago area native that was once a copywriter that moved into magazine writing with Complex. Eventually, he was given the position to host Hot Ones, a show where celebrities eat progressively hotter chicken wings while answering Evans’s questions. It’s a lot of fun and the channel has done some great charity work during its time, becoming one of the most viral YouTube channels in the process.

4. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the best rags to riches story, and his positivity has been felt throughout the internet for years as one of the “OG” YouTubers. Neistat was working odd jobs in Connecticut and New York city before he started making digital shorts in the early 2000s, and along with his brother got noticed as a filmmaker. Then, in 2010, Neistat established himself on YouTube and hasn’t looked back. Neistat has given a lot of great life advice and has even co hosted with his wife about how to get through marriage, parenting and life in general.

3. Special Books by Special Kids

Some of the strongest people that you’ll ever meet are teachers in special education, and that’s where you would have found Chris Ulmer prior to his YouTube and philanthropic career. Ulmer started the channel Special Books by Special Kids that allows children with disabilities to read their favorite books, and the channel has amassed millions of subscribers while Ulmer and his wife run a charity for these children. “Introducing the topic of disability when children are young, so it enters their realm of normalcy and it’s not seen as something to fear,” Ulmer said of his channel.

2. Nathaniel Drew

There are people out there that really want to find a true meaning to life, and among them is Nathaniel Drew. With 1.6 million subscribers, Drew has been exploring the world and highlighting cultures, saying that “I want to live a joyous life…and I’m convinced that the way to do this is to explore the things that scare us…I’m fascinated by my fears and the places that they take me. I think a richer experience of life always awais on the other side of the tyranny of our fears.”

1. Mr. Beast

Santa Claus may not be real (unless you’re a child that’s reading this, then he’s definitely real), but the closest thing we’ll get to it in real life is Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast on YouTube. Donaldson is one of those one in a million cases where someone can go from virtually unknown to household name overnight. Giving away millions in cash and various prizes, Mr. Beast used his own money to start his giveaway channel before getting sponsorships. “As I made more videos, I was like, ‘I want to spend it on videos somehow,’” he said.

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