Top 5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

People are learning more and more these days that they can actually make money on social media. It’s a place where many of us never thought we would be in, but even apps like Instagram allows the average person to make some side money. If you want your piece of the massive money pile that is Instagram, here are five ways to get your hand on some cash.

5. Badge Support

Live streaming has been the biggest trend in social media, following the likes of Twitch and YouTube to get people engaged in content. Instagram is now on board with live streaming, and there’s a setup that allows streamers to earn money from their live feeds. Instagram introduced what they call badges, and viewers can purchase them and give them to their favorite creators. These badges will convert into real money for the creators, with badges being marked at $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99 increments.

4. Bonuses

While some social media platforms will refer to them as bounties, Instagram has a system where you can collect bonuses from your amazing content. One of those programs is called Reels Play, which brings in revenue depending on how many views your reel has. If you have a reel that goes viral, you can pull in a lot of money, though the minimum cash out is $100 total. This is invite only for now, but it is only offered to those with under 1 million followers.

3. Affiliate Program

Instagram rolled out a program where you can become an affiliate with the platform, working with brands where you drive sales from your posts. Instagram offers a playbook where you can find out all about the program, but in short, you get a commission from a brand’s sale anytime someone clicks the link on your profile and makes a purchase. The commission will vary based by brand and your following on Instagram, with some of the larger Instagram profiles making more enough to earn a living. This is still a new program so not everybody is eligible yet, but keep an eye out for the future.

2. Become a Salesman

You don’t have to sell things for other people on Instagram to make money, as you can simply sell your own merchandise. Let’s say you design your own clothing or make art, you can sell those products directly on Instagram without users even having to leave the app. To start, you’ll have to tag your product and there will be a link to purchase said product. Instagram will take a small cut for being an advertising platform, but you’ll still get most of what you charge to potential customers.

1. Sponsored Posts

While the affiliate program isn’t open to everyone just yet, you can still make sponsored posts without being a big time Instagrammer. Brands are willing to work with just about anyone, although you’ll obviously get more sponsorship opportunities if you have a larger following and get more money. Try connecting with brands that fit your interests. If you’re often posting about your fitness routine, try to team up with athletic brands that may be able to hook you up with a sponsorship. This will likely be in the form of a link in your caption or a code that tracks how many sales you’re bringing in.

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