Top 5 Ways To Make Money On TikTok

After a social media app starts to take off, not many people are thinking about how they can make money from the trend. Eventually, though, that platform will become so large that it’s a money making machine, and it’s not just those behind the scenes that are pulling in cash. Users are able to make money from their content, and that includes TikTok. Want to know how you can earn some cash through your TikTok hobby? Here are five ways to do just that.

5. Creator Fund

Beginning in March 2021, TikTok rolled out what’s known as the creator fund, calling it an appreciation for those that have made the app as successful as it is. This is not the easiest program to get into, however. To become part of the creator fund, you have to have over 100,000 authentic views in a 30 day span on your videos. As long as you get that amount, you can grab a piece of the pie, but there is no one set amount for each creator.

4. Ads Manager

Don’t feel like trying to get viewers the old fashioned way on Tiktok? There’s an easier route you can take, but you have to invest in yourself first. Through TikTok ads, you can promote your own videos that show up in between popular videos on the site, and this will direct people to your profile or a store that you run. While it might not be the easiest or most organic way of doing things, this is a better option if your goal is to sell things instead of creating videos.

3. Make Some Coins

There’s a newer feature on TikTok where a virtual currency can be sent to content creators called coins. When someone sends you coins, you can cash those out for real money with a minimum cashout of $100. The best way to get coins is through live video on TikTok. People that are watching are more likely to do realtime donations through coins than they would a video that was published several days prior. Think of it like donating bits to a Twitch streamer.

2. Sponsored Content

Of course, nothing makes money on social media quite like doing some old fashioned sponsored content. There are plenty of companies that are willing to advertise on TikTok by working with content creators, even if they’re on the smaller side of the follower spectrum. To get in on the action, simply go to the ‘more options’ tab on your ‘post’ screen then click on ‘branded content.’ You can also work directly with brands to advertise on your TikTok, eliminating the middleman in your sponsorship.

1. Merch Sales

Just like any entertainer, you can make a good amount of money just from your merchandise sales. Musicians do it, movie studios do it, content creators do it, so you might as well join them. Making merchandise on websites like Teespring is easy and doesn’t cost you anything. Of course, they’ll take a cut for being the ones using inventory to design and ship out your merchandise, but you still can set how much of the profits that you’re getting. Make sure to add your merchandise link on your TikTok profile and you’ll be good to go.

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