5 Careers To Consider After Military Service

Life after the military can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding the right job. For many years, veterans had been in a very disciplined and controlled environment that only the military can provide. Having to adjust to civilian-type jobs where things are much laxer can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. After all, the military gives you the tools for a wide range of jobs outside of the service.

If you’re coming up on the end of your time in the military or have been out for a while and need to find a job that fits you, there are some careers that are almost tailor made to suit you. Here are five careers to consider after military service.


After your time in the military, life can seem dull and you might struggle with your sense of purpose. IT careers are intriguing, helpful, and pay relatively well. If you happen to specialize in IT in your particular branch of the military, it should be a pretty seamless transition in your life as a civilian. IT careers aren’t tied down and give you a great deal of freedom when it comes to your preferred area of focus. The right path can leave you living comfortably, with a sense of purpose, and maintaining a fun and challenging career. 


Education is extremely important, as you have likely learned during your time in the military. Boot camp and the various school programs attended afterward are all key factors to a successful military career. With that experience, patience, discipline, and dedication, you can make your life as a civilian more rewarding with a career in education. Whether you’re an educator within the military, or out in another part of the world, wherever life takes you there is always something to be learned and you can be the one to teach it. 

Law Enforcement

If the allure of the military is the cops and robbers scenario where you use your cunning, athleticism, discipline, and authority to catch the bad guy, then law enforcement seems like a lovely fit. Law enforcement careers can include training to become a police officer, a detective, an FBI agent, part of the secret service, or even a corrections officer. The list goes on with the different law enforcement careers you can try after your time in the military. Each one of them is rewarding, interesting, and perfect for applying your skills to. Employers will more than likely hire you rather quickly if you possess a military background. 


Just like law enforcement careers, careers in the medical field are extremely popular and keep up with the hustle and bustle of the lifestyle military men and women typically seek. It also requires a great degree of intelligence, quick thinking, and heart. All of which are common in those with military experience. Whether you were a medic, or otherwise, the skills learned in the military will come in very handy in the medical field. It’s the type of career to keep things interesting, help those in need, and put yourself in a fast-paced environment to give you that thrill you’re seeking. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is arguably one of the most important forms of security that need to be protected day and night. Nefarious hackers are becoming more sneaky and sly every day, trying to access private information that could really ruin someone’s day and maybe their entire life. If your background in the military is IT-related, a cyber security career might be the best fit for you. It’s incredibly rewarding, keeps evil at bay, and provides a comfortable income for you and your family. Usually allowing you to work from home, giving you opportunities to travel and not be tied down by your career. 

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